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Your Games, Anywhere.

Bring your 5E characters to the game table with the Roll20 Companion App. Now available for iOS and Android devices.

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App Features

View Your Sheets

See your character stats, skills, and proficiencies on-the-go.

Make Rolls

We'll do the math for you, powered by the Roll20 quantum roll server.

Skill Checks

Dodge that dragon or break open the door with a tap in the app.

Your Spell Book

Check your spells, view your spell save DC, and manage spell slots.


Roll the dice to persuade, investigate, and stand up in the face of danger.

D&D 5E Search

Search quickly to find the answer in all your D&D 5E compendiums.

Keep Your Character In Your Pocket

The Roll20 Companion App is everything a player needs at game time! Keep your characters at your fingertips at home, the game store, or wherever your adventures take you. Access your 5E character sheet from your mobile device and get your character’s info at-a-glance including your armor class, feats, and inventory.

  • Make attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws using your character's stats.

  • Track inspiration, spell slots, hit points, ki points, and sorcery points.

  • Manage your hit points and death saves.

  • Send all your rolls right to the VTT chat, powered by Roll20’s signature quantum roll server.

  • Search the free 5E SRD ruleset plus all your purchased D&D 5E compendiums.

Best of Both Worlds

GMs can make the most of the Roll20 Companion App by displaying the VTT on a large screen or TV, while players access their 5E character sheets through a mobile device. Game store, living room, or a projector screen -- your games have broken free!

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