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Save hundreds of hours and deepen your games with features like pre-populated NPC character sheets, maps with pre-configured tokens, drag-and-drop gear, one-click saves, macros, and more.

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If you're already a DMsGuild creator, check out our guide on how to get your own conversion ready to play on Roll20.

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Follow the guide to getting started on DMsGuild, and join over 25,000 publishers and creators in the Roll20 network!

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Roll20 Content Conversion Producers Mik and Eve lead you through some of our exciting DMsGuild products - newly converted to Roll20!


  • Roll20 VTT conversions break PDFs into dynamic maps filled with pre-populated NPC sheets/tokens and award-winning features that make your game immersive. Instantly drag and drop monsters, spells, items and equipment on your character sheets and automate tedious GM work with macros, rollable tables, and more. Playing D&D 5e on Roll20 also means players and GMs can access our officially-licensed Charactermancer, a guided wizard that streamlines the character creation process.

  • Visit the DMsGuild collection of Roll20 VTT conversions. After you add Roll20 item(s) to your cart, you will be prompted to create or log into an existing Roll20 account. After your order is complete, you will see a confirmation message including a link to your marketplace items on Roll20. You can log into your account and create a new game from your new module(s) on the My Items page! You can also access any newly acquired art pack(s) from inside the VTT.

  • Yes! Look for bundles on DMsGuild which include the PDF and Roll20 versions of the title. If you already own the PDF, the bundle will be discounted, effectively getting you a discount on the Roll20 VTT conversion. If you own neither format, you will also get a discount for buying a complete bundle.

  • We are working through a backlog of fantastic DMsGuild modules and adventures. If you’re excited about a specific DMsGuild title coming to Roll20, contact the creator and let them know!

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