Faerûn, one of the major continents in the world of Abeir-Toril, serves as the primary setting for many Dungeons & Dragons campaigns – and let’s just say that for those who love to delve into a rich, detailed world full of adventure and intrigue, Faerûn is the place to be.

As the homeland of several iconic locations and cultures within the Forgotten Realms universe, Faerûn offers an expansive landscape for adventurers to explore. 

From the unforgiving Anauroch desert to the dense Jungles of Chult, Faerûn features diverse biomes, cities, and settlements - each with its own stories, heroes, and artifacts waiting to be uncovered by your party.

But what’s the real story behind this vast continent? Let’s survey some of Faerûn's most notable regions, factions, magic, and creatures to showcase why this continent makes for such a compelling and dynamic setting for tabletop roleplaying games. 

Whether you're a new player stepping into the Forgotten Realms for the first time or a veteran Dungeon Master looking for inspiration, read on to learn what secrets Faerûn has in store for you!

Sprawling Landscapes and Iconic Locations - Faerûn’s Locales

Faerûn comprises a vast array of terrain, climates, and landmarks for adventurers to explore. To the north lies The Silver Marches, an area dominated by tall mountain peaks, deep forests, and the ruins of ancient dwarven citadels. 

Along Faerûn's western coast sits the nation of Amn, renowned for its wealthy merchant cities like Athkatla. In the continent's northeastern reaches, adventurers can venture into The Savage Frontier's icy tundra and lore-filled dwarven valley of Gauntlgrym.

However, some of Faerûn's most iconic locations lie along the Sword Coast - the continent's western shoreline. This bustling coastal region features the city-state of Waterdeep, where travelers can uncover quests ranging from intrigue-laced urban adventures to sprawling dungeon delves underneath Mount Waterdeep. 

To the south, the harbor city of Baldur's Gate beckons visitors with its heavy traffic of traders and mercenaries. From the metropolis of Calimport further south to the gray peaks of Icewind Dale along the Spine of the World, the Sword Coast offers no shortage of diverse locales for hardy groups to embark on a grand D&D quest.

Meet the Locals

Faerûn is inhabited by a wide array of sentient races and cultures, including:

  • Ancient Elven Kingdoms - The mystical kingdoms of Evereska and Myth Drannor are bastions of ancient elven culture and magic.
  • Dwarven Strongholds - Scattered dwarven citadels and kingdoms, both on the surface and underground, are ruled by strong shield dwarf and axe dwarf clans.
  • Menzoberranzan - The vast subterranean drow city, ruled by noble houses constantly vying for the favor of the spider queen Lolth.
  • Orc & Goblin Tribes - Savage orc and goblin tribes dominate remote wilderness areas through shows of strength.
  • Gnome & Halfling Communities - Eccentric gnomes tinker in remote enclaves, while friendly halfling villages thrive on tight-knit community bonds.
  • Dragonborn Colonizers - Glory-seeking dragonborn warriors establish colonies to expand their racial influence.
  • Tiefling Refugees - Persecuted tieflings fleeing intolerance find new refuges to call home in some human lands.
  • Aasimar Guides - Blessed aasimar descendants of angels provide spiritual guidance to communities.
  • Numerous Human Cultures - Despite the loss of ancient Netheril, diverse human cultures like Calishites, Tethyrians, and Rashemi persist and thrive.

This is just a sample of the many sentient races found across the continent. Expect to encounter myriad cultures and kingdoms on your adventures – and don’t be shocked if you come across a dragon, giant, or other powerful being along the way.

The Magic of Faerûn

As a keystone setting in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, magic both subtle and earth-shattering permeates the very fabric of Faerûn. Spellcasters have left marks across the continent over millennia, making magic an intrinsic part of Faerûn's history, cultures, and landscapes.

The elves and dwarves safeguard libraries brimming with ancient secrets of enchantment. The Zhentarim and Red Wizards bend magical energies toward their personal power goals with devastating effects when unchecked. Tales of artifacts like the Wand of Orcus and Spellplague have etched themselves into legend. 

And magics tied to the Weave, Shadow Weave, and even the otherworldly realm of Xorvintaal offer wellsprings of arcane might to those brave or foolish enough to tamper with their potential.

Of course, sorcerers and wizards aren't the only magical influences in Faerûn. Druids and rangers deeply tied to the natural world safeguard sites eliciting primeval wonder, clerics channel the realms' deities to bring reform or ruin as they see fit, and warlocks make dubious pacts for otherworldly knowledge. 

Chromatic and metallic dragons, mischievous fey, conjured fiends, and creatures warped by the Spellplague exemplify magic's many influences on Faerûnian ecology. Simply put, the very fabric of the continent all adventurers know holds innate mysticism waiting to be tapped by the bold.

Adventure Hooks to Explore Faerûn

With its rich lore and diverse locales, Faerûn offers endless adventure potential for Dungeon Master campaigns. Here are just a few ideas to jumpstart epic quests across the continent:

  • Unearth Lost Dwarven Knowledge
    • Legends tell of abandoned dwarven citadels hiding secret knowledge lost to the ages. Can the party brave ancient ruins and solve puzzles to unearth these arcane secrets before others exploit them?
  • Thwart the Giant Uprising
    • Sinister cults work to break evil giants free from ancient imprisonment. Will the party halt the ritual spells and prevent the giant lords from unleashing destruction across the land?
  • Explore the Jungles of Chult
    • Journey into the dense tropical jungles of Chult, where rare natural marvels and forgotten temples hide among ruins of past civilizations. But survive hazards from unforgiving terrain to marauding beasts.
  • Prevent War and Manipulation
    • As tensions boil between rival kingdoms, uncover coils of deception underlying treaty negotiations. Can the party reveal manipulations and forgeries to prevent all-out war and maintain peace?
  • Seek Lost Knowledge at Candlekeep
    • The famed library fortress at Candlekeep houses coveted tomes of long-forgotten lore and magic. What trials must be overcome to gain access and unlock its gatekeeper’s secrets?

These are but a taste of the wide-ranging campaigns Faerûn’s details readily support. Whether your party seeks glory, knowledge, peace, or adventure itself, the continent is sure to accommodate!

Dive Into Adventure Across Faerûn with Roll20

As we've covered, Faerûn is a vibrant, magical continent brimming with diverse landscapes, cultures, mystical forces, and no shortage of adventure hooks for every type of D&D party. 

This primer only brushes the surface of how rich and deep tales woven across the Forgotten Realms have made Faerûn an intensely beloved setting for tabletop RPG fans over decades. There are still endless ruins to plunder, regional conflicts to resolve, magical artifacts to chase down, and frontier lands to map for those bold enough to seek them out.

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