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D&D 2024 on Roll20: The Ultimate Experience

Begin your next D&D adventure with Roll20's new character sheet and builder, simplifying mechanics and helping you customize your adventurer for 2024 and beyond.

We Handle the Math

Focus on the adventure with the Roll20 Tabletop. Roll20 streamlines new mechanics and systems, and our new D&D character sheet handles the math to keep the dice rolling.

Automated Character Sheet

Manage your D&D character sheet in Roll20 Characters, perfect for customizing your adventurer with the latest subclasses, feats, backgrounds, and species.

Secure your Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-order on Roll20 to instantly unlock Monster Manual Expanded by Dragonix and unleash over 470 new creatures on your players.

Pre-Order D&D 2024 Rulebooks

Pre-order on Roll20 to instantly unlock Monster Manual Expanded by Dragonix and unleash over 470 new creatures on your players.

New D&D Character Sheet Alpha

The new D&D character sheet offers a modern design, enhanced spell and inventory management, greater customization and automation, and compatibility with both D&D 2014 and D&D 2024 rules. 

  • Enter your stats or use a pregen
  • Full sheet automation
  • Participation badge on Roll20 profile

Try The Sheet

A New D&D Compendium

This work-in-progress is our new compendium experience, no matter which revision of Dungeons & Dragons you prefer.

Pre-Order Now

Beta Release: July 29

We know you’re looking forward to the new D&D character builder (we certainly are). We’re targeting a late July Beta release that includes updates to the character sheet and the new character builder.

Send Feedback

Send direct feedback until the sheet releases on September 17.

A Full D&D Experience

Use the new character builder and drag-and-drop support.

Ready to Play

The sheet will be available on the Roll20 Tabletop and playable with the current edition.

Play D&D 2024 Online with Roll20!

The D&D 2024 Core Rulebooks are now available on Roll20, including the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. We're redesigning our online reading experience, and the new character sheet is now in Alpha for you to use.

Pre-order on Roll20 to instantly unlock the best-selling Monster Manual Expanded by Dragonix for free and unleash over 470 new creatures into your VTT games!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The new character sheet and builder will be available the same day as the D&D 2024 Player’s Handbook: September 17.

  • The alpha version of the character sheet is available on Roll20 Characters.

  • No, the Alpha character sheet is open to everyone.

  • The new character sheet and builder will be compatible with all D&D 5th edition sourcebooks and adventures, including the new D&D 2024 core rulebooks.

  • Send us your feedback form via the button on the sheet for suggestions and bugs.

  • No, there is plenty more coming for both the Beta release in July and the full release in September.

  • No, there are no plans to remove the existing character sheet from Roll20.

  • Both the 2014 and 2024 books will be within one compendium (similar to how Pathfinder 2e /Pathfinder 2e Core works), so you'll be able to access both in a campaign.

  • Yes! You'll be able to create characters using either ruleset with the new 2024 sheet and builder.

  • We are working on tools to convert your characters from the old sheet to the new sheet, if it's desired, as some 2024 functionality will not work with the old sheet.

  • Yes! You'll be able to utilize 2014 items, weapons, monsters, feats, etc. with the 2024 sheet, and in some cases you'll get additional functionality if you use the new sheet.

  • Some of the Roll20 team have gotten the chance to read advanced copies of the new Player’s Handbook. We think it is the biggest and best version of D&D ever made. (No really, we don’t have to be Mark Hamill promoting the Last Jedi.)

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