Roll20 Jumpgate

Jumpgate is our exciting plan to modernize the Roll20 VTT and get it ready for the next decade of online tabletop gaming. We’re delivering an experience that’s blazingly fast and a joy to use!

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A Better Virtual Tabletop

Jumpgate is a faster, more performant VTT with a beautiful modern interface, built on top of the latest web technology that will last us well into the future.

Modern Stack

Jumpgate is powered by the latest web technology and retires much of our oldest code to make sure we’re future-ready for all your adventures to come.

Better Performance

Your VTT should never get in the way of your games no matter what you throw at it. Play anytime, anywhere, right in your browser with smooth performance no matter how many kobolds you want to fight.

Enchanting Experience

We’re taking the time to carefully consider and improve each part of the Roll20 VTT experience to make it a joy to use: pan anywhere, go outside the bounds, select away – we’ve got you covered.

Live Now: Jumpgate Beta

Jumpgate is currently in Beta for all Roll20 Subscribers! We’re gathering feedback as we march toward Jumpgate becoming the default for everyone at Roll20. If you're a subscriber, all you have to to is check "Use the Jumpgate Beta" to opt-in.

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We’re stressing our system to the limits to make sure that no matter what you dream up, we can handle it. Our stress test of Jumpgate vs. the current Roll20 VTT shows what we’ve achieved – less memory usage, less CPU, more potential for TPKs.

Redesigned and Reimagined

Jumpgate builds on the work we began with our UI Redesign efforts in 2023. The new toolbar, Page Folders, updated Compendium Search, and more will all be part of the expanded Jumpgate experience. And we’ve got a few more things we’re still working on that we can’t wait to show you!


Surprises Abound

Have you ever wanted to move a few tokens out of the play space to save them for later? Or plan a heist right next to the map your party is on? What if you wanted to quickly make an ambush with 50 goblin tokens without losing them all underneath each other? We’re carefully considering each user interaction in Jumpgate to make it even better so your VTT becomes the most magical tool in your kit. Read on for a preview of what we’re working on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Roll20 subscribers currently have early access to the Beta and are able to opt-in games of their choice to use Jumpgate.

  • Yes, everything that you currently have in Roll20 will work with Jumpgate seamlessly – all of your maps, tokens, characters, and everything else that’s in your game.

  • Details of Beta access for all users are coming soon, and then eventually Jumpgate will become the default Roll20 experience for everyone.

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