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Whether you’re a longtime fan of the radioactive franchise or new to the post-apocalyptic world, a brand new world has been opened for many to experience the unthinkable: a world without civilization. War. War never changes.

At Roll20, we’re excited to capture the zeitgeist by bringing the Fallout Roleplaying Game  to life on the Roll20 platform. With this new module, players can immerse themselves in the Wasteland and embark on their own adventures, encountering mutated creatures, dangerous factions, and making tough decisions along the way.

The 2D20 RPG system by Modiphius is the core of the Fallout Roleplaying Game, allowing for a streamlined and easy-to-learn gameplay experience. Players can create their own characters with unique skills and abilities, or choose from pregen characters to jump right into the action. 

Plus, you can play the full VTT experience with the Roll20 Fallout Starter Set adventure “Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland.” It’s a great way to get your feet wet in the Fallout RPG world (without, you know, the radiation risk).

What's The 2D20 System?

The Fallout RPG uses the dynamic and narrative-driven 2D20 ruleset, perfect for the unpredictable and dangerous world of Fallout.

When your character attempts an action, you'll roll two twenty-sided dice (d20s), aiming for low rolls. The more successes you roll, the better the outcome. Successes beyond the minimum become Momentum, a resource you can spend for advantageous effects like gaining information or improving combat position.

However, the 2D20 system also introduces risk through Doom. If you need extra successes, you can push your luck by rolling additional d20s at the cost of your character's resources or adding to the Doom pool. The GM can spend Doom to complicate the adventure with new obstacles or plot twists.

Despite its depth, the 2D20 system is easy to learn and accessible to players of all skill levels. The core mechanics are straightforward, and the emphasis on narrative and character development makes it newcomer-friendly. At the same time, the system offers deep customization options to tailor your character's skills, perks, and equipment to your preferred playstyle.

Roll20 Makes It Easy To Play

We’re big fans of the Fallout franchise, and we’re excited that you can now play the Fallout RPG yourself on Roll20. Whether you’ve got the game and need to build out a few characters or want to jump in on a Fallout adventure via the Roll20 VTT, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Fallout Character Creation Tools

One of the best things about playing the Fallout RPG on Roll20 is that you can get started for free using our standalone Characters tool. This intuitive, web-based character builder allows you to create and manage your wasteland survivors.

Creating a character is a breeze with the Roll20 Characters tool. The Fallout RPG character sheet is fully integrated, providing a clean and organized interface for managing your character's abilities, inventory, and progress. The drag-and-drop functionality makes assigning perks, skills, and equipment simple, or you can roll the dice for a set of randomized stats and attributes.

When building your character, you'll start by choosing a character archetype, such as the charismatic Vault Dweller or the tough-as-nails Wastelander. Each archetype comes with pre-defined stats and skills, providing a solid foundation for your character. 

From there, you can customize your character by assigning points to S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) and selecting perks that reflect your character's unique talents and abilities.

Roll20 Characters automatically calculates stats, such as your character's Hit Points, Action Points, and damage resistances, based on your attribute scores and perks. This saves you time and ensures your character is always up-to-date and ready for action.

Launch and Track Your Game On Roll20

Want to get the full experience? The Roll20 Fallout Starter Set includes the "Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland" adventure module that you can launch right on the Roll20 VTT. You can claim the first adventure, Into Vault 95, for free!

The Roll20 Starter Set also includes a VTT Art Pack to enhance the visual appeal of your online sessions. With over 50 tokens and handouts available in your Roll20 VTT Art Library, you can bring the Wasteland to life and create immersive, engaging experiences for your players.

By combining the comprehensive digital rulebook, the "Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland" adventure module, and the VTT Art Pack, the Roll20 edition of the Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set provides an all-in-one solution for players looking to explore the Fallout universe.

Experience Fallout (Without The Rads) On Roll20

While we wait for the next season of Fallout, why not craft your own Wasteland adventure with the Roll20 VTT experience? Head online to Roll20 to see our full catalog of VTT games - including the Fallout RPG - and get started on your own post-apocalyptic journey today. 

Whether you're a seasoned tabletop RPG player or new to the game, Roll20's intuitive interface and helpful tools make it easy to jump into the world of Fallout and create your own unique story. Just watch out for the Radroaches.

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