Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game

Become your favorite Super Hero (or create your own) in the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game, best played on Roll20. 

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Tell Heroic Stories

This powerful collaboration between Marvel and Roll20 brings your Super Hero adventures to life wherever you play!

Full Digital Conversion

Experience a fully readable and searchable digital rulebook, enhanced with drag-and-drop capabilities for character building and over 100 official Marvel heroes.

Character Management

Create and manage unlimited characters in a streamlined, custom builder and transfer them into the VTT later.

However You Like to Play

Make dice rolls from your device if you prefer to play together; enjoy the support needed to experience Marvel Multiverse sagas with friends online or in person.

Available Now!

Everything You Need to Play

Embark on epic adventures and play the all-new, all-different d616 System, which makes character creation a breeze.

Make Fantastic Rolls

Just three dice determine the ultimate success or tragic failure of your story. Rolling a 1 on the Marvel die and anything other than 1s on the other causes triumph! But be careful, if you roll a 1 on all three dice, a botch roll could spell your doom.

Our Superpower is Math

On Roll20, you can use the newly designed Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Character Sheet to roll for you and add modifiers automatically. Create unlimited characters in a streamlined, custom builder and store them in Roll20 Characters.

Easy to Start, Easy to Play

Out of This World Combat

It’s clobberin’ time! Use the virtual tabletop to show where the heroes and villains are located to maximize combat. Players set their positions on the map with their tokens and roll for initiative to track turn order. Activate your powers, aid an ally, or interact with something – just choose wisely, the world is in peril!

Designed for Roll20

Get ready for an action-packed adventure with Revenge of the Super-Skrull, a Roll20 adventure for the Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game! Join forces with your friends to thwart a bank robbery and help prevent another Skrull invasion! Who is a friend and who is secretly a Skrull?

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