In Development: A New Pathfinder Experience

Designing with you, for you: help make the Second Edition Character Sheet easier, faster, and more enjoyable to use. Preview our work-in-progress sheet in Roll20 Characters today!


The new Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster character sheet is now available for community preview in Roll20 Characters! The sheet is still actively in development and not yet at parity with our existing sheet, but there is much more to come. We want your help to shape where the sheet goes next — we’d love to hear your suggestions via our feedback form below. Given this version of the sheet is not fully feature complete, it won’t be available just yet within the VTT, but don’t worry, it’ll come soon!

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Roll20 Features: Pathfinder Second Edition

In the first public iteration of the sheet, we focused on Encounters tab to showcase the improvements and the sheet’s potential; you’ll see these extend to other tabs as we work through the rest of the sheet.

More Time to Play

Powerful new software allows bonuses and penalties to apply seamlessly across the sheet, no matter where they originate from. Raised a Shield while afflicted with Clumsy? Your AC automatically takes both into account. We do the math, so you can focus more on your game!

More Control

We’ve updated the sheet to allow you to add modifiers to stats without losing insight into the base values. If you override your current Stealth of 16 to be 18, we create a +2 bonus behind the scenes. We track all updates and give you override capabilities so that you always get the final say.

Smoother Gameplay

We've reimagined sheet structure with more intuitive grouping of information. Modes of play are organized into tabs, and rolls include visual breakdowns of everything that affects them. We help you stay immersed in your game!


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Latest Update: Spells

In the Spells tab, you can enter prepared, spontaneous, focus and innate spell types and rituals, and organize them by spellcasting method. Each type of Spell surfaces only relevant information, and allows you to automatically track Spell usage, cast Spells, and add attack and damage rolls. In addition, you can now click on rollable text to automatically execute a roll when you have any dice references within a description of a Spell.

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What's Next

Drag & Drop for Items, Spells and Feats

You'll be able to Drag & Drop items, spells and feats directly from the Compendium onto the sheet to help with character creation and gameplay.

NPC Sheet

We’ll give you a dedicated NPC sheets with all of the power and automation of the new PC sheet, including support for conditions applied to the NPC.

Character Builder

You’ll be able to build a character from start to finish with a guided character builder.

Announcing The Community Preview and Beacon

We are starting the year off at Roll20 with the community preview release of our Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character Sheet within Roll20 Characters.  This sheet will utilize our new Sheet infrastructure – Beacon SDK. With the new sheet, you’ll see a number of improvements and some new functionality, as well as completely redesigned architecture and user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Given the iterative nature of how we’re developing the sheet there is no one ‘full release’ date. You will see updates periodically throughout the year; keep this page bookmarked so you always know the latest for the sheet! Some things to expect, include: improved spells automation, NPC sheet, Drag & Drop, Character Builder, and more (this list may change depending on the feedback you provide us). More details about what’s included in the release and what’s to come in the future can be found in the blog post linked above!

  • Right now the sheet is only available within Roll20 Characters. The VTT release will come later, once we are closer to parity with the existing sheet.

  • This is free for all users. Please be sure to send feedback as you explore and use the new sheet!

  • You can find the feedback form above, as well as in the ‘tips & tricks’ menu within Roll20 Characters.

  • Just like the existing Pathfinder Second Edition sheet, the new sheet will be backwards compatible with all Pathfinder Second Edition | Legacy compendiums, as well as the new Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster compendiums.

  • At this time, we are not planning to decommission or stop support on the existing sheet until we hit at least feature parity as well as hitting certain adoption metrics. We want this sheet to become the preferred options for all Pathfinder Second Edition players. Rest assured, if we do decide to decommission the existing sheet there will be tools available to help transition from the old to the new so we can limit any disruptions to ongoing campaigns. We will also alert users well in advance so you can plan ahead.

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