Roll20 Virtual Tabletop Redesign

Explore what's new in Roll20 with our redesigned Toolbar, Measure Tool, Page Folders, and updated Compedium search. Opt-in is now available to beta test new features!

A New VTT, Driven By You

Whatever your adventure, Roll20 is the best place for you to find and play your favorite tabletop RPGs. We're redesigning the VTT based on our research and your feedback.


The new Toolbar is streamlined to improve navigating the VTT, taking your turn, and setting up games. We broke out the layers so GMs can quickly see if they are on the token, lighting, or map layer.


Take control of your game and organize your pages and maps, including search functionality. The new Party Toolbox makes it easy to place players where you want them and keep track of all multiple parties at once.


Your feedback is crucial to our redesign. Any user can opt-in and tell us what they think.

Page Folders

Group your pages to manage your battle maps, city maps, and token pages, the way you want to keep your story moving fast for your players. Use the new search bar to quickly find what you need.

Do you need to split the party? With the new Party Toolbox, you can see a list of your players and their locations on the maps. Drag and drop players onto a page and create a new breakout group that you can easily track. When the group is ready to reunite, you can recall them all to the party ribbon.

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New Measure Tool

AoE Spell Effect Templates

The Measure Tool includes the ability to measure using AOE Spell Effect shapes. First, we've added Circles, Squares, and Cones. Soon we'll be adding a path tool and a tool that will help you measure a beam. The Measure Tool is available for free for everyone!

A Research-Based Design

Updates to the virtual tabletop are led by our expert UX/UI designers and product team.

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Announcing the New Roll20 VTT Experience

CTO Morgan Buck announces the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop redesign and what you can expect from future updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you first load into your game, you’ll be asked if you’d like to opt-into the new design. You can also enable the new design under Settings. You can opt-out again at any time.

  • You can find the feedback box in the chat when you're in the VTT.

  • This is free for all users. Please be sure to send feedback as you explore and use the Toolbar and Layer system!

  • The Roll20 VTT is big and has a lot of interconnected pieces. Also, there are a lot of people using it every day. We want to redesign the VTT in smaller pieces so we can focus our efforts and you all can give us feedback as we go. Because of this, we don’t know when we’ll have the whole thing done, but we’ll keep this page updated as we go and we’ll be as transparent with our process as possible.

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